Making a Submission: Food and Water Contact

Your Part or Material has been specified for use in a Food or Water Contact application. Global Food and Water safety regulations require that your Part or Material comply with appropriate regional regulatory standards. 

Examples of applicable safety standards for Food and Water Contact include those found in Title 21 CFR (for the U.S.) and EC 1935/2004 (for Europe). 

To complete the declaration, you must first have received the campaign email.

  1. Review the Food and Water Contact regulation details: 

  2. Use the checkboxes to select individual Parts and click Declare # Selected Parts:

    Or click Declare for # Parts to declare for all visible Parts:

  3. Review the Overview:

  4. Respond to Section 1: Food and Water Contact.

    Depending on your answers to the questions presented, you may need to answer additional questions or provides details to support your response. For example: 

  5. If you answered Yes, click Next.

    If you answered No, click Continue and skip to step #10

  6. Respond to Section 2: Supporting Documentation by selecting the appropriate region.

  7. Click Upload and using the File Explorer, browse your organization's resources, attach the desired file, and click Open:

  8. When you have finished responding to the required questions, click Continue

  9. If necessary, repeat the declaration process for any remaining parts and click Continue to submit your declaration(s). 

    If you do not click Continue on the main page, your declaration will not be submitted. 

  10. On the Declaration Complete page, you can submit optional feedback on the declaration process. 
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