Making a Submission: Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS)

Your customer is taking action to identify and mitigate labor standards risks in their supply chain. As a supplier within your customer’s supply chain, your company is required to share data using this labor standards risk assessment survey. Please provide supporting documentation where relevant. Failure to provide adequate supporting documentation may affect your overall assessment results and prompt your customer to follow-up with you directly.

Once you receive a campaign email, you can make a declaration:

  1. In the Overview section, review the LSAS regulation details and module instructions: 

  2. Respond to Section 1: Workforce Characteristics and click Next:

  3. Respond to Section 2: Labor Standards: Policies and Practices and click Next

    Depending on what you answer, some questions require additional information or supporting documentation:

  4. Respond to Section 3: Incidence and Likelihood and click Next

  5. Respond to Section 4: Labor Standards Management and click Continue to submit the declaration.

  6. On the Declaration Complete page, complete the optional feedback survey and click Send Feedback.
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