I have SCIP Numbers for my products, how do I give them to Assent?

If you are a supplier responding to a request for your customer, you may already have SCIP Numbers for the products you have submitted to the SCIP database. A SCIP Number is a unique ID that is provided by the ECHA SCIP database when a SCIP Dossier is submitted for a product. 

You can provide a SCIP Number in the Supplier Portal during an EU Waste Framework Directive submission instead of manually providing required SCIP information. If your customer is distributing your products as is and you are responsible for making Dossier SCIP submissions, then your customer requires the SCIP number only so that they can make a Simplified SCIP Notification (SSN) that directly references your submission.

How do I give Assent SCIP Numbers for my products?

  1. When entering the EU Waste Framework Directive module and you have selected a product to declare, Click to Edit the required Article and Substance Information.
  2. On the right-hand window that opens, click to open the drop-down menu for Primary Article ID Type.

  3. From the list, select SCIP Number:


  4. Enter your SCIP Number as the Primary Article ID:


  5. Other required SCIP fields will become inactive since they are not required and you can click Save.

  6. Finish your declaration for your customer and repeat the process for all products in scope.

For reference, a full guide on completing an EU Waste Framework submission can be found [here].

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