Making a Submission: TSCA Restrictions (PBT)

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), amended by Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, opened provisions for evaluation and assessment of chemicals and subsequent enforcement of final rules passed to the federal register.

Section 6 of TSCA allows for substances to be restricted in all states of the U.S. The TSCA Section 6 restrictions include the substances and groups that have been identified by the EPA as posing unreasonable risk to humans and the environment. Some of the chemicals with restrictions can be used in certain scopes, with applicable exemptions.

Once you receive the relevant campaign email, you can respond to the open request by selecting it from the Supplier Portal landing page.

  1. Before you begin, prepare the information you will need to complete your declaration and click Get Started:


    From this window, you can download your Product List and Substance List for reference. These files download in Excel format.

  2. On the main page, review the regulation details and the available Resources:


  3. Use the checkboxes to select your product and click Declare for Selected:


    You can declare for individual products or select in bulk. To display more products, open the drop-down menu on the bottom right of the table and select the desired number of items per page to display.

  4. On the next page, review the Product Details section and click Next.


  5. If you have an IPC-1752A XML file to speed up the declaration process, click Upload File.

    Uploading a valid IPC-1752A XML will populate the corresponding sections below with the data contained in the XML. To continue declaring manually, skip to step 8.

  6. Using the File Explorer, browse your organization's resources, attach the XML file, and click Open.

  7. To continue declaring manually, click Next to expand the Product Statements section.

  8. Select a declaration statement for your products and click Next:


    If your product has an applicable exemptions, select them from the drop-down list:


  9. In the Supporting Documents section, click Upload.

  10. Using the File Explorer, browse your organization's resources, attach the desired file, and click Open.

  11. Select a file type for the uploaded file from the drop-down list:


    To remove a document, click the “x”. You can upload multiple pieces of supporting documentation.

  12. When you have uploaded your supporting documentation, click Next.

  13. In the Substance Information section, click the Add Substance button:


  14. In the Add Substance pane that opens, enter the required information marked in red and click Add:


    Entering optional information can help your customer. You can also delete or edit any information entered here before completing the submission.

  15. Once you have finished adding your substance(s), review the entered information in the table:


  16. Repeat this process for every substance you need to manually declare and click Next.

  17. In the Review section, the system will notify you if you are ready to submit your declaration:


    If your customer has requested it, you may need to provide a Comment in this section. 

  18. Click Submit to finish and return to the main page.

  19. If necessary, repeat the declaration process for any remaining parts and click Done to submit your declaration(s).

  20. On the Declaration Summary page, you can review the details and click Continue to finish:

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