Frequently Asked Questions (FMDs)

What is an FMD?
An FMD is a Full Material Disclosure, which divulges every substance in a product down to the homogeneous level, broken down by location within the product, mass, and concentration. An FMD can satisfy several regulations at once (such as REACH, RoHS, Prop65, etc) allowing suppliers to provide one FMD covering their products for all applicable Restricted Substance List (RSL) and Declarable Substance List (DSL) declarations.  

There are a number of formats for an FMD, the most common of which being sent in the format of an IPC 1752A but some companies may provide the information in a different format (such as an IEC-62474).

What is the "Homogeneous level" of a substance?
Full Material Disclosures break a product down to its components and parts at a homogeneous level. Substances at a homogeneous level cannot be broken down further; they are composed of elements that are of the same kind.

What is an XML?
An XML is just a file format commonly used for submitting IPC-1752 declarations. With upcoming XML functionality in the ACM and SUPO, users and suppliers will be able to submit XML declarations that will then be automatically parsed to extract embedded supporting documentation and substance information. 

What is the IPC-1752A and what is the difference between IPC classes?

IPC-1752A is the standard created to support the data exchange need; it has established a common reporting format for material declaration data exchange between supply chains and support bulk materials, components, printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies, and final products.

There are four classes of IPC-1752A:

Declaration Type
A broad, company-level supplier compliance statement for any regulation whose substances are covered by the IPC-1752 standard 
A supplier statement describing the amount of different groupings of materials within a product
Material Group
A supplier-provided Full Material Disclosure (FMD) divulging every substance in the product down to the homogeneous level, including location, mass, and/or PPM
Full Substances
A supplier-provided list of declarable substance categories with mass and total concentration at a product level within each group if above thresholds
Substance summary groups


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