Making a Submission: State Level Child Safety Protection Acts (CSPA)

Several state-level Child Safety Protection Acts (CSPA) require suppliers of children’s products to notify the state’s governing bodies when a Chemical of High Concern to Children (CHCC) is present in their product. The aim of the legislation is to reduce the risk of dangerous chemicals used in products intended for children under 12 years of age.

Your customer requires you to provide information and declarations for the products you supply to them.

Note: You can select and declare on multiple parts below if they contain the same restricted chemicals within the products/parts.

To complete the declaration, you must first have received the campaign email.

  1. Review the CSPA Survey details and module instructions.

  2. Select the desired Part/Style using the checkboxes and click Declare 1 Selected Parts:

    If more than one Part/Style does not contain any of the Chemicals of High Concern to Children, you can make a bulk declaration by selecting those Parts/Styles using the checkboxes and clicking Declare # Selected Parts.

    Otherwise, if any of your Parts/Styles do contain Chemicals of High Concern to Children, please answer for each Part/Style individually.

  3. On the new window that opens, review the statement:

    To view the “Reporting List of Chemicals of High Concern to Children (CHCC)”, click to download the PDF.

  4. For the question below, either:

    a) Answer Yes if the selected Part/Style contains any of the 66 chemicals of high concern:


    b) Answer No if the selected Part/Style does not contain any of the 66 chemicals of high concern:

  5. If you answered Yes to the first question, select the chemical(s) that are included in the Part/Style:

    You can click the text field to open the drop-down list and select the desired chemical(s), or enter a CAS number to narrow down the real-time search. You can select multiple chemicals. 


    If you answered No to the first question, proceed directly to step 15

  6. If you listed any chemicals in the previous question, you will be presented with the Chemical Use Information page for each chemical:

    You can see the chemical for which you are declaring in the header:

  7. Select the function of the chemical in the product from the drop-down list:

  8. Select the component of the product that has the chemical from the drop-down list:

  9. Select the GPC Brick Code for the product from the drop-down list:

    For additional guidance, follow the provided link.

  10. Select the maximum concentration of the chemical in the product from the drop-down list:

  11. Select the target age for the consumer of the product and whether it is a Trade Secret:

  12. Click Next. If necessary, repeat this page for every chemical listed.

  13. On the Certificate of Compliance page, review the statement you are declaring for the applicable state regulations (Vermont, Washington, and Oregon):

    If your Part/Style contains declarable substances:


    If your Part/Style does not contain any declarable substances:

  14. Enter the required contact information and click Continue:

  15. Once you return to the main page, finish declaring for any remaining Part/Styles by repeating steps 4 -16.

  16. Finally, click the Continue button on bottom right of the main page to complete the declaration and proceed to the optional Feedback page:

    Note: If you do not click Continue on the main page, your responses will not be recorded.
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