Generating a New XML Declaration

To create a new XML declaration, click the Generate button on the Assent Materials Declaration Tool home page.

General Information

You will be prompted to fill in all mandatory fields and the section status in the right-hand corner of the section header will remain Incomplete if you miss any mandatory fields.

To clear an individual section, click the Clear Section button in the top, right-hand corner of that section.

At the bottom of the page, click:

  • Reset Generator to clear the entire Generator and start again.
  • Import IPC-1752 XML to open an upload window and import an IPC-1752A XML file.
  • Validation Checker to verify if all required fields are filled out and no more adjustments need to be made.
  • Generate Declaration to create your XML file.

If you attempt to navigate away from the Generator at any time, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to leave the page. Leaving the Generator page will clear all fields and you will lose your progress.

User Guide & Additional Help

Click here to view a video tutorial on filling out the form and download the complete FMDComplete User Guide.

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