Uploading an Existing XML Declaration

If you have an existing XML file, you can upload it to FMDComplete and use the tool to validate your file and edit the content to ensure it is a valid declaration.

  1. On the FMDComplete home page, click the Upload button.

  2. On the Import IPC-1752 XML page, click the plus button to select your XML file.

  3. Use File Explorer to browse to the desired file and click Open.

    Confirm the filename of the chosen file.

  4. Click Import XML.

    If you have an IPC-1752 PDF file, you must first convert your file to XML before import. FMDComplete will not accept PDFs. Click here to learn how to convert a PDF file to XML. 

  5. Upon successful upload, click Continue.

  6. The Validation Checker will identify instances where you must provide missing information or edit the imported XML.

    Click the left and right arrows to move through the items. Once you have finished editing the XML, click the Validation Checker at the bottom of the page to verify the number of items remaining that you need to adjust.

  7. Once all required sections are complete, click Generate Declaration to export the updated XML.
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